StemBeads Activin-A
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StemBeads Activin-A

Powered by Shenandoah's recombinant Human/Mouse/Rat Activin A

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Catalog Number: SBAC1 & SBAC5
Description: StemBeads® Activin A is a patented growth factor supplement that offers a novel way to grow Activin A-dependent cell cultures more efficiently, with fewer media changes. StemBeads® Activin A are microparticles composed of a FDA approved, biodegradable polymer that is loaded with Shenandoah's recombinant human/mouse/rat Activin A. Under the microscope, the StemBeads® Activin A will appear as dark circles that do not harm the cells, and with time, break down to release the encapsulated protein at a controlled rate. The stable level of Activin A in culture allows for more homogeneous cell cultures, while saving researchers valuable time with fewer media changes. 

Unlike soluble Activin-A that degrades after 12 hours in culture media, StemBeads® Activin-A releases a constant rate of Shenandoah's Activin-A into the culture media over 5 days creating a more stable environment allowing for:

  • Fewer media changes (as little as one media change in 5 days)
  • Significant savings compared to soluble Activin-A
  • Significant savings on labor and media
  • Easy to use: just add to your media of choice
Ordering Information 
SBAC1 StemBeads® Activin A 1 mL 10 μL/mL = 10 ng/mL
SBAC5 StemBeads® Activin A 5 mL 10 μL/mL = 10 ng/mL

Product Specifications
Reconstitution & Use: StemBeads® Activin A are provided as a ready-to-use 5 mL solution in DMEM/F12.
Storage & Stability: Upon arrival store at 4°C. StemBeads® Activin A are stable for up to 6 months when stored at 4°C.
Release Profile: 10 μL/mL StemBeads® Activin A = 10 ng/mL release of soluble Activin A.
Physical Characteristics: StemBeads® Activin A are 45 ± 25 μm in diameter.
Directions For Use
1) Aliquot desired volume of media.
2) Mix vial of StemBeads® Activin A thoroughly by vortexing or pipeting prior to use as the StemBeads® Activin A will settle quickly.
3) Add StemBeads® Activin A into aliquot of media at the desired concentration (using a concentration of 10uL StemBeads® Activin A per 1 mL of media will give a 10 ng/mL release of soluble Activin A protein).
4) Remove media from culture dish and wash twice with DMEM. Alternatively, PBS, F12 or basal medium can also be used to wash.
5) Mix media containing StemBeads® Activin A well and plate into culture dish.
6) Change media every 2-3 days depending on cell density and culture conditions. StemBeads® Activin A can also be supplemented into media during passaging and plating of cells. Cells should be passaged as required depending on density and culture method.

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