Shenandoah's Bioassay Services

Shenandoah's Bioassay Capabilities:

  • Cell-based growth assays (proliferation, cytotoxicity)
  • ELISA assays (cytokine production)
  • Enzyme production (SEAP)
  • Western Blot analysis (signaling pathway activation)


Ideal to Test:

  • Cytokines, chemokines, growth factors
  • Antagonist compounds
  • Neutralizing antibodies
  • Mutant recombinant proteins
  • Media formulations


Shenandoah wants to make outsourcing quality control and activity assays easy and cost effective.  We have TONS of experience in a wide variety of cell-based assays with more than 20 cell lines in our freezers.  Contract testing will be a high priority in our laboratory to ensure a fast turn around time for our customers.

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