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At Shenandoah Biotechnology, Inc., our company's core strength is founded upon methods and standards that continually pursue excellence, consistency, and superior quality.  We are committed to providing consumers with premium recombinant protein reagents and to supporting causes close to our hearts to better the communities in which we serve.
Here at Shenandoah, we have a genuine vested interest in the success of your projects and we do our best to provide our customers with outstanding product support.  Our adherence to acceptance criteria allows rigorous evaluation of each step of the production process, ensuring unparalleled quality and transparency.
We continuously seek improvement by setting and achieving strategic quality objectives.  By harnessing our individual strengths, we strive to provide consistent, dependable and trustworthy products to the life science research community.
Our Quality Management System Commitment
As the President of Shenandoah Biotechnology, I am committed to the quality management system, taking full accountability and supporting other roles of leadership.  Management uses the process approach and risk-based thinking to ensure the management system is integrated into our business processes to achieve intended results. 
I am committed to provide the resources and training needed to ensure an effective quality management system that is necessary for our success and improvement.  We provide a work environment that allows our employees to be successful in meeting our customers’ needs.  The Quality Policy is established to be the driving force behind our quality management system, and I will continue to ensure that it remains compatible with the context and strategic direction of our organization.
--Pamela DeLacy
Shenandoah Biotechnology, Inc.