Perks of a Buying Direct from Shenandoah

Shenandoah is a recombinant protein manufacturer who treats our customers like family!  Because we value you so highly, we offer you extra perks when you buy direct.  Here are just a few:

Customer Service

Anytime you call our labs, a real person will answer your call.  Every order is packaged by hand, from the proteins in vials down to the little bag of candy in your shipment.  We triple-check each and every shipment before it goes out the door to make sure you get exactly what you ordered.  Our goal is to make your experience with us perfect in every way.

Data! Data! Data!

Lot-specific data such as percent purity, endotoxin readings, and biological activity data are easily accessible on each product page under the "Documents" tab!  Each shipment also includes the COA specific to the lot purchased.    


Based on lot-specific data, scientists can request their lot of choice AND Shenandoah will let you know if we have it available.  Need bulk amounts of cytokines or growth factors? We can let you know on-demand if our inventory will cover it. 

Fast Shipping

US orders received before 3 pm EST will be shipped priority overnight so that you will see the products in your lab the very next day!


With no intermediary, Shenandoah can offer discounts on multi-vial and bulk purchases.  Just request a quote (

Technical support, tips, & protocols

Shenandoah has a deep understanding of how our products are made and used.  The scientists that made your product are the ones that answer tech questions when you call.  We can go beyond the surface with our answers to technical questions about formulation or testing protocols.  Shenandoah also does all of our functional testing in-house, so we can provide tips of the trade for a wide variety of protocols!

Networking Connections

We know our customers well and are familiar with the research they are doing. We can connect you with other scientists in the field who could provide even more insight.