International Units Conversion Data

The table below provides data for the conversion of the indicated products.

International Units (Us/ug) for Cytokines by Shenandoah

International units (IU) are used for the determination of biological material in a consistent internationally agreed manner.  The World Health Organization  (WHO) is a source for protein reference standards of defined biological activity that are accessible to everyone. The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) distributes these materials.

In general, the reference standard of a protein is defined by the number of units per mass of material, also known as reference units (RU). If the reference material has been tested in a multi-center, international, collaborative study, it is designated as international units (IU) by the WHO. Where available, Shenandoah Biotechnology, Inc. tests our products against the appropriate reference standard to allow for the direct conversion of mass to units.

Testing for potency, and reporting IUs/ug, puts Shenandoah Biotechnology among the highest level of cytokine and growth factor manufacturers in the market.