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Human IL-6
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Human IL-6

Animal-Free (AF) proteins are identical to regular proteins and include additional documentation showing that they were produced with no materials of animal or human origin using ANIMAL-FREE purification processes.  Learn more HERE.

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Alternate Names:  IFN-β2, B-cell Differentiation Factor, BSF-2, HSF, MGI-2              

Accession Number: P05231
Description:  Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is an important pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine expressed by T cells, macrophages and muscle cells. IL-6 signals through a receptor complex containing two receptors, IL-6Rα and gp130. IL-6 has an important function in promoting fever and can serve to stimulate an immune response to trauma. IL-6 is often used for growth of hybridoma cell lines. Human IL-6 is active on mouse and rat cells.
Source:  Genetically modified E.coli.
Predicted MW: Monomer, 21 kDa (185 aa)
Formulation:  Lyophilized from a sterile (0.2 micron) filtered aqueous solution containing 10 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.5

Product Specifications*
*Lot-specific values for the following specifications are supplied with each product on its corresponding COA.  The values provided here are minimum expected values to pass internal requirements. 


Method of Determination

Acceptance Criteria


Reducing and Non-Reducing SDS PAGE



Kinetic LAL

≤1 EUs/µg

Biological Activity

7TD1 cell proliferation OR

B9 cell proliferation

 ≤250 pg/mL; ≥ 4.0 x 10^6 units/mg OR

≤25 pg/mL; ≥ 4.0 x 10^7 units/mg


Preparation and Storage
Country of Origin:  USA        Shipping:  Room temperature             

Storage Prior to Reconstitution:  -20°C
Product Reconstitution:  Sterile water at 0.1 mg/mL
Instructions:  Centrifuge vial before opening. Suspend the product by gently pipetting the above recommended solution down the sides of the vial. DO NOT VORTEX. Allow several minutes for complete reconstitution. For prolonged storage, dilute to working aliquots in a 0.1% BSA solution, store at -80°C and avoid repeat freeze thaws.

Expiration Date:                      
12 months from date of receipt when stored at -20°C to-80°C as supplied.
1 month when stored at 4°C after reconstituting as directed.
3 months when stored at -20°C to -80°C after reconstituting as directed.


Complementary Antibody products:
Need an Anti-Human IL-6 antibody?  We recommend Anti-Human IL-6 Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody or Anti-Human IL-6 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody from ImmunoReagents.  If you are curious to know more about the relationship between Shenandoah and Immunoreagents, click here for the scoop.

To receive more information or a quote, complete our bulk/custom order form.


Product Datasheets Certificates of Analysis Certificates of Origin
PDS Lot 0213 Lot 0213
SDS Lot 0507 Lot 0617
PDS Animal-Free Lot 0617 Lot 1118
SDS Animal-Free Lot 0213 Animal-Free  
  Lot 0617 Animal-Free  
Papers that use this product:
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Hepatic microtubule acetylation and stability induced by chronic alcohol exposure impair nuclear translocation of STAT3 and STAT5B, but not Smad2/3.

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