Custom Protein Expression

Teams of scientists at Shenandoah have been focused on producing recombinant cytokines, growth factors, and chemokines for over 50 collective years. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise in order to achieve the greatest results, in the shortest amount of time. Shenandoah is a proven and experienced partner in pharmaceutical outsourcing and contract work for every stage of pre-clinical research.

Shenandoah specializes in producing active, folded proteins PLUS biological activity testing is provided in-house. Our high quality approach utilizes E.coli inclusion body production and purification technologies, while employing a unique protein folding matrix to produce biologically active proteins in high yields and low costs. For custom protein services, our production proficiency and scalable fermentation sizes (5L, 20L, and 80L) allow for project flexibility.

Please email a completed Custom Project Form to for project pricing.

Shenandoah’s Service Delivers On:

  • Fast turn-around times – 4-8 weeks with bacterial systems, including QC testing time
  • Easy communication - updates at each step of the process
  • Complete project services – cloning through purification and product testing
  • Bacterial and mammalian expression systems - E. coli or CHO
  • High yield production - from small (mg) to large (grams) quantities
  • Bioactivity analysis – cell-based proliferation, inhibition, cytotoxicity, or ELISA
  • Protein lyophilization – in a buffer formulation that increases stability for up to 5 - 10 years
  • Budget-friendly pricing - pay as you go at each phase of the process


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