Custom Protein Expression

Structure of M-CSF Bound to the First Three Domains of FMS (Made using PDB: 3EJJ)Do you need a protein product for your research that no one sells? Let Shenandoah Biotechnology make it for you!

We know that occasionally your experiments require special reagents that are not commercially available. We can assist you with point mutations, truncations, protein tags, newly discovered proteins and proteins from more obscure species. Using our time-tested E.coli expression system, our staff of expert scientists is willing to work with you to create the custom research products that you need. From the first step of cloning your gene, to the last steps of protein folding and purification, we are able to deliver any level of service to meet your needs. We deliver fast turnaround times, competitive pricing and precise control over all processes. Our unique customer service also includes direct access to the scientists working on your project, which will provide you with fast responses to your questions and frequent project updates.

Custom Protein Expression Process Overview:

Our pay as you go approach of billing your projects in phases, allows both parties to evaluate the project on a step by step basis to determine if proceeding to the next step is desirable. This eliminates much of the risk for both companies. All projects are kept 100% confidential and you retain all rights to any material produced (DNA clones and protein).

Information Needed to Assess the Project:
What is the protein’s amino acid sequence and predicted molecular weight?
Are there known or predicted intramolecular bonds?
Do you want a tag?
Does the protein need to be biologically active?  Are you able to test the activity?
Is there a purity or endotoxin requirement?

 Shenandoah’s protein specialists will assess the protein to see if it is a good candidate for our E.coli system. In the case that mammalian expression is required, Shenandoah would provide a quote with a different pricing structure than what is listed below.    If the protein is a good candidate for our E.coli based manufacturing system, the pricing and time frames expected would be as follows:

Phase I:  starting at $1500 with a 3 week time frame
-  The gene is optimized, cloned, amplified and purified.
-  Expression from E.coli is optimized and assessed on small scale fermentations.
-  Shenandoah will provide an image of an expression gel, an estimate of the amount of material expressed and a glycerol stock (if desired).

Based on Phase I information, you can decide if you would like to proceed to Phase II.

Phase II:  starting at $6000 with a 3 month time frame
-  Expression of your protein is scaled up to a 5 Liter fermentation (20L-80L fermentation is also available for additional cost).
-  Protein is folded, purified and tags are removed (if desired).
-  Protein is quantitated and you are provided with an agreed upon amount of material as well as gel images.

 Available for additional cost:
-  Sequence verification - mass spectrometry
-  Bioactivity Assay- cell based growth assays (if available) and chemotaxis studies
-  Endotoxin Quantitation- kinetic LAL with a lower level of detection of 0.05 EUs/ug
-  Endotoxin Removal-  extra purification steps to bring endotoxin levels down (striving to be < 1 EU/ug)
-  Technology Transfer-  detailed batch record of process and protocols

 Shenandoah offers no guarantee for the amount of material we will produce before cloning and test production, however, you will have an idea of the expression levels to expect based on Phase I so there is little cost commitment into the unknown.  The cost of cloning is required prior to the start of the project.  50% of estimated cost of Phase II is required prior to scale up and the remaining of costs are due prior to delivery of the material.