Certificate of Analysis Library

In an effort to offer 100% transparency to our customers, Shenandoah is offering a library of our current Certificate of Analysis documents for each protein, cytokine, chemokine or growth factor we have available (see example below).
These documents provide:
  • exact ED50s for biological activity (where applicable)
  • endotoxin levels
  • purity standards    

COA Library Link (Google Drive)

Shenandoah urges you to use this powerful tool when choosing your cytokine supplier.  Please note that availability of the lots listed are subject to current inventory levels.  If you desire a specific lot, reference that at time of purchase.  
​​​​​​​Please contact quotes@shenandoah-bt.com to inquire if a particular lot is available before placing your order.


A Certificate of Analysis is provided in your package when you recieve your product or can be can be found via a direct link to the PDF on the product page or in library format HERE (Google Drive).  Non-Google search engines do not appear to have the search function available so we recommend open via Google.