Shenandoah's Beloved Pet Rescue Calendars

Submissions poured in and spots for 2019 are filled! 

We invite you to continue to send us submissions to be added to our 2020 calendar!   


In 2017, Shenandoah gathered inspiring pet rescue stories from our customers to highlight in our Pet Rescue Calendar.  Good news... we received a great response in story submissions and our pet rescue calendar quickly became a HUGE SUCCESS! We were able to raise money for Hurricane Pets Rescue via calendar sales too!  
So, we are back at it for our upcoming 2019 calendar!  

We want to hear more of your pet rescue stories and show the world how fulfilling and exceptional rescued pets can be.  

To submit your story of how Rescued Love came into your life, send the following information via email to [email protected]:

​​​​​​​   -  Pet Owner’s Name (required) and Pet Owner’s Research Institution(optional, but helpful)
    -  Pet’s Name and Pet’s rescue story in less than 200 words
    -  PLUS one or more High resolution image(s) of your rescued pet 
Those selected will be notified by August 31, 2018.
Submission of this information indicates permission for Shenandoah to use your story and images in our calendar, both in print and on our website.  

Below are Shenandoah's past (2016 and 2017) and current (2018) PDF versions of our calendar:

2018 Calendar

2017 Calendar

 2016 Calendar

In 2016 Shenandoah produced its very first Shenandoah Cat Calendar!  We were thrilled at the enthusiasm it received and how fast the Cat Calendars were snatched up at our vendor shows.  So, Shenandoah decided to give the people what they really want and made the stories of our lovable little furry friends available to everyone!  Let's be real, NOTHING is better than pet rescue stories!