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Mouse Neural Stem Cell Expansion Protein Bundle (EGF, FGF-basic)

SKU:  PB-500-18


Cytokines for expansion and culture of neuronal cells.

Bundle includes:
100 ug of Mouse EGF
100 ug of Mouse FGF-basic

  • $242.00

Neural Stem Cells (NSC or NS cells) are self-renewing cells, of the neural linage, capable of generating neurons (GABA, dopamine and motor neurons), astrocytes and oligodenrocytes. NSCs are marked by expression of Nestin and can be derived from fetal neural stem cells, adult neural stem cells, embryonic stem cells and adult somatic cells. NSCs are typically expanded and maintained in 2D monolayers or neurosphere cultures containing recombinant EGF and FGF-basic (also called FGF-2 or bFGF) at concentrations between 10-20 ng/mL each. To differentiate NSCs to more specific cell types, the EGF and FGF-basic containing media is often replaced with media containing various cocktails of BDNF, SHH, FGF-8, CNTF, LIF, BMP-4, NT-3, NT-4, PDGFs and other cytokines. In addition to primary cultures, EGF and FGF-basic are used to culture immortalized C17-2 cells.

Size: 1 bundle

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